Clothing Drive

Phoenix Fibers Recycling Truck & BinPhoenix Fibers currently offers two opportunities to raise funds through recycling programs -Clothing Recycling Drives and Textile Recycling Bins.  The Clothing Drive is designed to
‘kick-off’ the Textile Bin or an ongoing textile recycling program within an organization.
The Textile Recycling Bins provides the opportunity for continues recycling and revenue for
your organization.

The Drive

Clothing Recycling Drive Highlights:
• Electronic promotional materials provided by Phoenix Fibers specific to host
• Length of drive is determined by the host-usually 1 week long.
• Acceptable items include new/used clothing, shoes/boots, sheets, towels and
other linens.  Items must be clean and free of contaminants
(i.e., oil, solvents, paint, etc.)
• Last day of drive, Phoenix Fibers arrives with our truck and a scale to weigh all items collected.
• Phoenix Fibers pays per pound for all acceptable items collected.
• Organization receives check within 15 business days following the drive.

To date, we have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for local schools, churches and other charities.

To schedule a fundraiser today, click on the ‘Sign Up Now’ icon below or call us at (480) 963-3277.

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