Fiber Conversion

Phoenix Fibers is one of only a few textile fiber converter in the Southwestern United States.  Each month we process over 300 tons of textile waste into ‘shoddy’ that is used to manufacture a variety of innovative products.Some of these products include:•    Ultra Touch Denim insulation
•    Acoustical sound dampening products
•    Automotive insulation
•    Radiant heat barrier
•    Prison industry mattressesPhoenix Fibers also produces converted fiber for clients in the mattress; floor padding and pillow fill industries.

Phoenix Fibers and Bonded Logic (an affiliate) have had a long-standing relationship with Cotton Inc.  and their COTTON FROM BLUE TO GREEN campaign.  They collect denim from all over the US and ship it to us to be converted into Ultra Touch Denim insulation.  Bonded Logic, in turn, donates this insulation to programs like Habitat for Humanity.

Within our 90,000 sf facility, we process a variety of raw materials including post industrial (new) cotton clips, denim; both post industrial (new) and post consumer (used), poly/cotton blends and other cotton clothing.  Phoenix Fibers has also forged strong relationships with large apparel manufacturers/retailers that trust us to securely recycle/convert their product.  We also receive a significant amount of material from clothing graders/sorters, state and local prison systems, commercial laundries and retail chains located all across the United States.

What we do is important. Not only is the material we convert into fiber removed from our nation’s landfills, but through our closed loop recycling process, new products are created that can be recycled again and again, further conserving our nation’s natural resources.

For more information on how you can donate your used denim or to learn more on how to start a recycling campaign of your own, we can be reached on our CONTACT US page or by calling 480-963-3277.