Welcome to Phoenix Fibers

Phoenix Fibers is a Chandler, Arizona based, closed-loop textile recycling company.  Opening our doors in July of 2011, we are the newest addition to a group of recycling companies owned by the Kean family.  Affiliate companies include United Fibers and Bonded Logic.

What We Do

Fiber Conversion
Each month Phoenix Fibers converts over 300 tons of denim and other cotton fabric into ‘shoddy fiber,’ which is then manufactured into many different products. These products include UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation used in homes and businesses, appliance insulation, automotive insulation and even prison mattresses. Nothing goes to waste!smart

Phoenix Fibers is heavily involved in the Greater Phoenix Metro community. We partner with local schools, churches, youth groups, sports groups and local charities raising thousands of dollars through our clothing recycling drives and our bin collection program.

Textile Recycling
Phoenix Fibers collects and recycles textiles in a variety of ways. We maintain a zero waste philosophy whenever feasible. The items we do not use in our shredding process are resold to other recycling companies. Our recycling partners range from commercial laundries and linen companies to state prisons and US clothing manufacturers.